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Update: Statement regarding coronavirus (COVID-19)

Sunday, 30 August, 2020

In January 2020, a Digitec Security Ltd Emergency Management Team was established for Covid-19. Digitec’s response to the ongoing situation will follow guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health. Digitec determines the alert level of a situation on a region-by-region basis. All Group companies are instructed to respond based on the action plan that has been established for the wellbeing of group employees and their families, the continuous procurement of products and services, and business continuity.


The Digitec Security Ltd Emergency Management Team continues to actively monitor the evolving situation and making decisions accordingly based on the policies outlined below.

Digitec Company Policy

We have already implemented measures, and continue to update these, based on Digitec’s business continuity approach to risks of this nature, including:

1.      Protecting the wellbeing of our employees and their families as a primary focus.

2.      Considering the potential for the impact on society by making responsible decisions to support the prevention and / or containment of the situation.

3.      Making every effort to continuously provide the services and products required by our customers.

4.      Making every effort to maintain business in affected areas.

5.      Responding in the context of a "very serious pandemic" where daily operations cannot continue to be carried out. Execution of business continuity planning.

Digitec engineers, service personnel and on-site Digitec staff

We have actively put in place business continuity plans to mitigate the impact caused by the spread of Covid-19 on Digitec engineers, service personnel or on-site Digitec staff working at customer locations.  


Digitec has invested heavily in creating a resilient and flexible infrastructure to support our ability to adapt to different working circumstances and we will make every effort to continue to deliver excellent service levels to our customers as the situation evolves.  Our employees are following World Health Organisation and local government guidance to ensure they are prioritising the welfare of themselves and those they come into contact with whilst they carry out their work.


Supplies and spare parts

Digitec maintains a good inventory of spare parts and supplies.  We do not currently anticipate any disruption and Digitec will continue to actively monitor and review this ongoing global situation.


Digitec continues to receive daily shipments of spare parts.  We have contingency plans in place to address any potential shortage should our supply chain for spare parts become impacted.


Supply of new products

Digitec maintains a good pipeline of new products and we do not currently anticipate any disruption to the order of new products.  We are working with customers on an individual basis to support the installation of new products as appropriate depending on local restrictions in place.



Digitec Security Ltd Employees

The welfare of our employees is of paramount importance and we continue to take every necessary precaution to reduce the spread of the virus.  For all Digitec employees, each of our regions are following the guidance of their appropriate local authorities to ensure we are acting responsibly and putting safety first.

Digitec is in a strong position and we will continue to support both our employees and our customers as we move forwards together.  As we continue to monitor the situation, if anything should change, we will provide an updated statement.

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