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Working with leading CCTV manufacturers and suppliers, we ensure the best camera systems are installed to protect premises, personnel, equipment and valuables.


With decades of experience, designing, installing, inspecting and providing maintenance contracts to facilitate 24/7 monitoring and surveillance, our clients are assured of full control, surveillance and backup (where necessary) and access on various devices (and for operators) at any time whether day or night.

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Equipment and features


  • Standard video recording.

  • Video analytics.

  • ANPR cameras for vehicle tracking, number plate recognition and which are linked to gates.

  • Remote monitoring.

  • Analogue, IP or hybrid technology.

  • Conversion of images to data.

  • Transfer of data to any location for storage and playback.

  • Protection for both interiors and exteriors.

  • CCTV protects property and facilitates data collection for analysis and improvement.

  • Regular updates for ongoing productivity especially within the construction industry.

  • 24/7 monitoring – SSAIB Approved through Digitec – Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

  • If an alarm is activated, our contact centre team will call key holders and/or the police*.

  • High resolution full colour and long range.

  • Immediate two-way radio which facilitates questioning an intruder.

  • Break beam alarms.

  • Flashing red/blue warning lights.

  • Cameras which can differentiate between people, animals or leaves.

  • Links to door access control.

  • Safety through Artificial Intelligence and high, full colour resolution.


  1. If personnel remove hard hats or any other protective equipment.

  2. Identification of anti-social behaviour, smoking (where prohibited and/or dangerous).  

  3. Latest technology (TiOC) offers less than 2% false alarm readings / 90% reduction in disk space.

  4. Facial recognition technology can link to door access systems allowing/denying entry and can also track and monitor people’s movements. This facility helps to detect unauthorised or illegal activity.

  5. Temperature reading cameras can (at entry points) help protect against COVID19.

  • Instant alerts if there are problems.

  • Potential to reduce crime.

  • Protection of people, equipment, vehicles and premises from vandalism and theft.

  • Incident reporting facilitates which can provide evidence in the event of a conviction.

  • Perimeter protection and therefore alert before buildings or people are accessed.

  • Active criminal deterrent.


*If valid Unique Reference Number (URN) is incorporated as part of the system.


CCTV is an essential element of overall security and the team at Digitec are experts at recommending and installing most advanced equipment to help clients keep people and their property safe and secure.

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