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Effective and efficient monitoring of premises, personnel, equipment and valuables is to have an all-seeing, all-knowing presence.  Every point is accessible, recorded and managed on a 24 hour, 365 days a year basis.  Note:  It is always worth checking with your insurance provider (before installation) to ascertain whether the equipment’s costs can be offset by discounted premiums due to reduced risk from criminality.


We offer a full range of signalling solutions and as a SSAIB accredited company, can provide and install CCTV and intruder alarms which can have a police response facility if, the system has a Unique Reference Number (URN).  All new applications must be installed to the current required standard and with consideration for PD6662/BS EN 50131.


It is naïve to rely upon neighbours and passersby to report crimes. This is the responsibility of property owners to ensure adequate protection and response that does not put any personnel at risk. When images are captured, they can be used as part of the evidence if criminal activity is reported and a conviction is made.


  • CSL.

  • Dualcom.

  • Redcare.

  • IP signalling technology.


Please note that to facilitate remote detector activation and for CCTV systems to have a URN for police response, equipment has to be installed with respect to various British Standards compliance: BS8418, BS EN50132 and NPCC Policy on police response.


Monitoring offers a technological solution and facilitates initial warnings of an imminent problem.

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