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As gates are the first point of entry to premises, we only use and recommend the most sophisticated technology and equipment to facilitate reliability and longevity of use.  Having worked with leading manufacturing companies for many years, we are in a position to facilitate all budgetary and size requirements.


Underground – Swing Gates.

  • Top quality Beninca underground motors.

  • Reliable, discreet and elegant.


Ram Arm Operators – Swing Gates

  • No digging required.

  • Motorised ram fits onto the gate.

  • More economical and cost-effective.

  • Recommended for driveways.

  • Compact sizes for limited spaces.


Sliding Gate Motors

  • Very compact size for narrow entrances.

  • Note: not appropriate for sharp turns or slopes.


Articulated Arm Operators – Swing Gates

  • Mounted on gate posts.

  • Uses an extended arm.

  • Visually and good aesthetics which hides automated gate.

  • Cost-effective and easy to install.


Gates are a solid barrier to your premises and property and always worth the investment.

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